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My name is Xavier and I created XaviersList to test my thesis that the world would be a better place if we all had more legal and consensual orgasms.   Generally speaking, the world seems like a better place after I cum. Minus a few drunk hook-ups, some requested "ruined orgasms," and my roommate/partner/mom/sibling busting into my private space while I bask in post-coital afterglow, I find it hard not to enjoy the results of a good legal and consensual orgasm...I'm sure you like them too. I bet your neighbor next door fucking loves them. But not as much as you. I know your co-workers at the office, the people working out around you at the gym, and your favorite celebrities and politicians are all much happier after they cum really hard. That asshole who cut you off in traffic the other day, yeah even that piece of shit, is probably a lot easier to be around after a strong nut. Society is generally more tolerable after an orgasm. That is the macro intention of Xaviers…
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